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Vanke Meisha Academy works for the youth of tomorrow

Shenzhen Middle School has promised that VMA is a gateway for Shenzhen Middle School going international, and we will do whatever we can to repay this city, our nation, and our time.

VMA students will continue to work hard and engage our youth into the study and activities,
to fill in a satisfying answer sheet to the exam set by our parents and teachers.
VMA students will move forward and conquer all the obstacles in life and study.

Outdoor Training

As a non-formal educational program, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award can play a vital role in providing opportunities for young people to develop essential life skills, complementing their formal education. This enables them to grow in confidence and in their ability to contribute positively to their communities. Its success and flexibility is evidenced by the fact that it has spread to over 144 countries and territories. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been equipping young people with the skills and experiences they need as individuals to succeed in life. The Award’s founders believed that learning through experience transforms young people and empower them to embrace life’s opportunities.

Student Union

The Academy’s first student union selection ended and the students have shown their good qualities such as good thinking, devotion, and courage to undertake. The first student union selection was held in form of teams to help cultivate the team spirit of students, actively promote the cooperation and communication between students and make them drive the team with their ability, unite, and keep improving, so as to develop their abilities in cooperation and leadership. The competition ended and we hoped the student union may give active guidance to the students and teachers with respect to work, activity, and contest. It provides practical learning and living services and promotes the spirit and connotation of striving and progressing. It also cultivates the different thinking modes, so as to create a bright future with the powerful execution force.

Speech and Debate

As part of the high-end academic activity of VankeMeisha Academy, the National High School Academic Speech and Debate Tournament aims to encourage students to challenge themselves, to simulate students’ potentials and interests and widen their critical chinking, as well as to establish academic debate through extensive discussion on academic topics. In the future, the academy will create more opportunities for students to show their advantages and realize their potential!

Build High Aspiration,
March forward,Challenge Yourselves,
Keep Aggressive.

——First VMA PE
Festival outlines

The basketball competition paved the way of communication and learning for the students who are interested in basketball. It was friendly and the goal was not for winning the competition, but for growing together. It fully reflects the importance of unity and cooperation. VMA students will walk with SMS students step by step together. Both SMS students and VMA students have strengthened cooperation, sophisticated skills, so they will work together to create a new glorious chapter in the future.

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